Custom Logo Apparel

Create or Design your own apparel
Custom Logo Apparel

Create + Design + Decorate

Custom Logo Apparel with Harper + Hudson handles the entire process of apparel and accessories from start to finish of all your wants and needs no matter the occasion. From fashion designer to business branding to your kiddos birthday we are a one stop shop. H+H offers wholesale, drop shipping, bulk ordering, and an occasional one off printed garment.

Drop ship your brand worldwide

Drop Shipping

Here at Harper + Hudson we make running your apparel and accessory business a breeze. As your manufacturing company, your decorator or your designer we go above and beyond by offering your merchandise on or website, packaging your deliveries and shipping them directly to your client. That’s right we create the products, package the products and deliver your products directly to your customers door.

Create your own fashion line

Create Apparel from Raw Materials

This is known as Cut and Sew. Are you ready to design your own line? Or are already a fashion designer wanting to work with a American based company? Harper + Hudson is here to help. We take raw materials and turn them into the latest in fashion. Work with one of our designers today to put together your own spin on fashion.

Custom Printing and Design

Custom Printing and Design

Custom Printing and Design of your companies or personal apparel. Custom logo apparel can be a simple or wild creation depending on your brand or style. Let us not only help you design but manufacture and print your custom gear for the world to see.

Custom logo apparel


Custom logo apparel comes in many decorative ways. Harper + Hudson has the ability to manufacture hundreds of pieces an hour with our state of the art embroidery machines making us one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. We can accommodate all your garment needs including hats, shirts, socks, pants, shorts, stocking hats, under garments, swimsuits, shoes, blankets, and anything else you can think of. Bulk orders of 10,000 pieces or more are currently taking 3 weeks to process.

Custom logo apparel

DTG (Direct to Garment Printing)

DTG is one of the best ways to create those crazy looking tees or hoodies you see. Think of DTG as a massive printer for your clothes just like the printer you use at home but designed specifically for garments. This style of printing only works on specific materials and colors for the best results.

Screen/Silk Printing

Screen printing or Silk printing are one of the most used methods for limited color design bulk ordering. This is a cost effective long lasting durable garment decorating technique. Because we have to burn screens there is a one time setup fee and suggested for a multiple garment order to ensure best pricing.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is most known for a one off garment order. Great for your 3 year olds birthday party or a family trip to Disney. Harper + Hudson also uses vinyl for business window signage, commercial automotive signage and, pictured above, full vehicle wraps to showcase your brand or race team.

Custom Logo Apparel and accessories

UV and Sublimation Printing

UV and Sublimation printing are a great way to print accessories and other materials in addition to garments, its very similar to DTG but works on the garment colors and finishes DTG can’t print on or the awkward shaped accessories that work so well for business swag.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Laser engraving is most commonly used in metals, woods and hard plastics. From your tumbler drinkware to your metal or acrylic business signage or wall decor the laser is one of the most precise cutting and engraving tools out there.

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